domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Problemas de saúde

O suplemento de artes do Sunday Times tem hoje algumas revelações sumarentas:

- um excerto do livro de John Prescott, onde ele diz que sofreu de bulimia:
I haven’t suffered from bulimia for more than a year now. I try to exercise in the gym for 45 minutes every day. My weight, though, is still over 15 stone — as I do love my food — but I try not to snackbetween meals and to eat at sensible times. I’m sure it was to do with stress.
- regresso de Edwin Collins, que esteve às portas da morte há três anos:
Now, after learning how to walk again and continuing to learn how to talk, read and write, he is embarking on a tour: eight gigs across the UK, spread over 13 days
- kjjh