domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Larry Clark: uma entrevista

"I hated photography. I never liked photography that much. I always wished I was making films. Always wanted to be a filmmaker. The work was always structured that way, kind of like a film, narrative kind of thing. I always wished I could be a painter or a filmmaker, anything but a fucking photographer."
"I was certainly inspired by what Robert Frank and Eugene Metz did, and inspired by Bob Dylan and Lenny Bruce. I think the big influences of my work are Bob Dylan and Lenny Bruce — both of them influenced me. There's a lot of Lenny Bruce in my work."

"I identify with that kid. I can understand what happened to him. (...) I can identify maybe how he didn't have love, didn't have a role model, didn't have a father. He had a mother who was distant; he was by himself and lost. And then when he met the woman, it was love for the first time, or what he thought was love, which was also obsession. And he was extremely vulnerable. And he was manipulated. I can see him doing almost anything to hold on to that because that was his whole life. And when you're a kid that is pretty much your whole life.""I'm a great sufferer. I always felt that my work was always coming from a lot of pain and anger from that period of my life, my adolescence. And from shame. Not so much guilt, but from shame, anger, and pain. Those were the three areas that I felt my work was coming from. So I tried to make that more plain in my work and come to grips with it. (...) There's a saying that you're only as sick as your secrets. Which I guess means that the fewer secrets you have the less sick you are. And if you get rid of all your secrets, you get them out, maybe you won't be sick any more."
[entrevista com Larry Clark no site, hoje]