segunda-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2006

Anjos e demónios

Um artigo publicado hoje na revista do "New York Times" (da autoria do filósofo Peter Singer, sobre a filantropia de Bill Gates) é resumido desta forma pela "Slate":

"In the cover story, philosopher Peter Singer tackles the big questions surrounding philanthropy. Criticism that Bill Gates' generosity was motivated by Microsoft's antitrust woes rather than altruism 'tells us more about the attackers than the attacked,' Singer contends.

Rather, such generosity should make us rethink our own behavior. He rejects the idea that people should only contribute their 'fair share' to society, but notes the risks of asking for more: "If the majority are doing little or nothing, setting a standard higher than the fair-share level may seem so demanding that it discourages people who are willing to make an equitable contribution from doing even that."