quarta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2006

Robert Hughes

Excelente entrevista com o crítico de arte Robert Hughes, por Rachel Cooke, no "The Observer":

Does he really hate being interviewed so much? He affects amazement. 'I answered all your questions, didn't I? What else do you want?' Fair enough. I guess what I really wanted, in my pathetic fantasy life, was for Robert Hughes, my writerly idol, to feign a modicum of interest in me and my questions. But it was not to be and, since I can feel my knees wobbling with the shame of it, I shake hands and herd myself into his lift. When I get back to my hotel, cheeks blazing, I empty the contents of the room's mini-bar -Gummi Bears, M&Ms - on to the bed, and eat them all in a desperate effort to comfort myself. Never meet your heroes.