quarta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2007

"Things need to be balanced out"

A chamada pirataria na Internet segundo David Lynch:

"Everybody would like it if people respected the work of others. But there is a lot of ... I think things need to be balanced out. For sure, there are pirates out there who just want to do it to do it, but when you download something and really appreciate it, you should send something to the person who made it."

"A lot of people decide to download music, but rather than buy it they decide instead to support the band by going to see them on tour. But if you're not a touring band, you're fresh out of luck. That's your only source of revenue and people are taking it. But it's better to change people's thinking, because right now they're going to do it if they're going to do it. There aren't any rules and people can hack into anything. You have to go person by person."

(entrevista na Wired)