domingo, 18 de março de 2007

Harold Pinter vai perdurar porque escreve sobre a vida real

É fácil apontar as contradições de Harold Pinter. Mas a obra dele viverá muito para além do que a crítica pensa. É isto que Paul Donovan escreve hoje no Times (um jornal de um país onde os jornais fazem crítica de rádio). Esta noite no canal três da rádio BBC, Pinter dá voz à sua peça "The Homecoming".

Excerto do artigo:
It is easy to mock Harold Pinter, who stars on Radio 3 tonight in his own play The Homecoming. He professes socialism, yet lives in the 15th most expensive street in Britain. He preaches morality, yet, when he got rich, he abandoned his wife, who had stayed with him when times were hard and money scarce, for an earl’s daughter. His voice has more plums than an orchard. And all those pauses!

Easy, but cheap. Pinter, now 76, will remain a big fish long after most journalistic plankton has been recycled. He writes stories, and stories last. His plays have been performed all over the world because within them is a hinterland of universally recognisable things — jealousy, lust, fear, resentment, laughter, maintaining a facade.